National Science and Innovation Centre – Science Island Kaunas LT

In harmony with the landscape, related to the city, the building as exhibit

Our proposal for the National Science and Innovation Centre is designed to make the building a destination of its own. Apart from excellent exhibition spaces, the building provides a south oriented sheltered terrace overlooking the river and an activated crossroads that will become a lively hub as a satellite for the city attracting a wide range of people into the wonderful world of science.
The building on top of the crossroads has three main areas of support that act as lobbies dedicated for a cafe and restaurant, a retail space and support spaces. Each gallery on the upper floor provides a magnificent view integrating the experience of the surrounding landscape into the Science and Innovation Centre.
The building is a showcase for climate science, a technological showcase with the building as exhibit. The building services uses the landscape around the building and are part of the exhibits in the park.


Design Team
Arjan Scheer, ASAS Architectuur Stedenbouw, in cooperation with Urban Future Organization;
Jonas Lundberg,
Eduardo De Oliveira Barata,
Claudio Lucchesi,
Anna Liuzzo,
Daniel Fagerberg.

Structural engineering
Timber Design LT; Paulius Milcius (

Environmental design consultant
Atelier Ten; Meredith Davey (


Competition entry